Tiiu Kirsipuu

Hommage to Mother Rice
Fotodruck auf Seide, Kissen-Füllung, Bambus Stäbe

After staying in South Korea I started to realize that there RICE is not just an agricultural project or food but much more – it is part of culture. It´s probably not possible to overestimate its importance. Ricefields are beautiful and picturesque. Walking by a narrow village road often ricefields on both sides of it. At the first look they may seem to be similar. If you take a closer look they are like big patterns of nature – time changes its colours and height of plants, when the wind blows the fields awake and start to move. The Earth and Soil are generous, they feed people with Rice. Until Man takes good care of nature and respects the environment Mother Rice feeds them and offers her best. PILLOWS and EATING are connected in Korean culture as the tradition there is to sit on the floor on the pillow while you eat






Solo exhibitions
2015 Izevsk, Udmurtia, Russia
2013 in Suzhou, China
2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2004, 2001, 1996, 1993, 1990, 1987, 1985 in Estonia
2009, 2005, 1997, 1989 in Finland
2008 Paris, France
2003 Groningen, Holland
1991 Berlin, Germany

Participated in exhibitions in Estonia, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Sweden,
USA, Germany, Costa-Rica, Holland, Japan, China, South Korea, France, Ireland, Georgia, Portugal,
Rumenia and Bulgaria

Attended workshops and symposia in Finland, France, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Russia, Estonia, Holland, Spain, South Korea and China

Artist in Residency in South Korea -2010 and in India- 2013

2014 Award in the contest for the Monument of J.Poska, Estonia
2014 III prize in contest for Maarjamõisa Hospital, Tartu
2014 III prize in contest for the Monument of O. Siinmaa, Pärnu
2010 K. Raud Art Award
2010 A. Starkopf Sculpture Award
2010, 2006 Best Art Project of Tallinn University
2008 Public prize in Small Sculpture Exhibition in Tartu
2008 III prize in the contest for the Monument of Tartu Peace Agreement
2008 I prize in the contest for the Silver Coin “Beijing Olympic Games”
2007 I prize in the contest for the Monument of J. Skytte
2006 I prize in the contest for the Silver Coin for the100th anniversary of the Theatre Estonia
2005 Award in the contest for the Monument for Estonian Mother
2005 The Award “Vilde’s Missing Word”
2003 Chosen to take part in Toyamura Sculpture Biennale in Japan
2001 I prize in the contest for the Silver Coin
2001 Award for the idea of the Monument of Freedom, Estonia
1999 I prize in the contest for the Estonian Golden Coin
1999 II prize for award “The Best Building of Tartu”
1998 I prize for “Estonian Business Award”
1996 I prize in the Kinetic Sculpture Contest
1987 Annual Prize of the Young Artist of the Year
1986-1985 Sculpture prize in Young Artists’ Exhibition