Saulius Dastikas

Knee Healing
Öl, Leinwand

Woman lying on the couch with cushions after a motorcycle accidentand healing the broken leg. The sacred image of the Virgin Mary on the wall.





1971 Saulius Dastikas was born in Kedainiai, Lithuania
1990 – 1995 Art Faculty of Siauliai University, Lithuania
1997 – 1998 Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Art Technologies
2013 Member of Lithuanian Artists Association

Exhibitions list

Personal Exhibitions :
2014 „Places“, Vilnius City Hall, Vilnius and Kurhauzas, Birstonas, Lithuania
2014 „No end for the Journey“ Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 „Civilisation versus Culture“ Pamenkalnio gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Galeri Krebsen Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 “Landscape Impressions” Liza’s gallery, Stege, Mon, Denmark
2012 “Norway Impressions”, Salling gallery, Skive Denmark
2011 Salling gallery, Skive Denmark
2010 „Summer Openness“ Actus Magnus gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 „Vibrations“ „Laiptų“ gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania
2009 Salling gallery, Skive Denmark
2008 „Instant Moment” Actus Magnus gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

Group exhibitions:
2015 „Laisve- tai mes“ Vilnius Basteja, Lithuania
2014 CreArt European Exhibition, “White Noise, Black Words”, Vilnius Old City Hall and HDLU, Ring Gallery, Zagreb
2014 Exhibition „Figūra, figūros, figūrai…“ Juškus Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Exhibition “ Litauere kommer“ gallery Salling, Skive, Denmark
2013 Exhibition „Black light“, Janina Monkutė-Marks museum Kėdainiai, Lithuania
2013 Art Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Salling gallery, Brøndsalen art fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Octopus Art pojects “Light”, Venice, Italy
2012 Octopus Art projects Art fair „Berliner Liste“, Berlin, Gemany
2012 Octopus Art project exhibition „War“, Riga, Latvia
2012 LTART.NL project „Identity“ Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 S. Dastikas and M. Gaubas exhibition Salling gallery, Skive Denmark
2008 “Lithuanians are comming” Salling gallery, Skive Denmark
2007 Exhibition Šiauliai „Laiptai“ gallery , Lithuania
2005 „Contemporary Art Quadrennial“, Vilnius, Lithuania
2004 Rasmus gallery, Odense, Denmark
2003 DGV gallery, Svendborg, Denmark
2003 Roedhusgaarden gallery , Pandrup, Denmark
2002 Valdemars Slot, Svendborg, Denmark
2002 Wolfsen gallery Aalborg, Denmark
2001 108 gallery, Roskilde, Denmark