Jorge Gonzalez Velazquez

MDF 6mm, Stahl, Aluminium

The Drone is the representation of a technological cushion that has stoeln our dreams through modern technology.





1989 Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

  1. Tentativo (Tentative) at Plaza Loreto. Mexico City.
  2. Figuras Diversas (Diverse Figures) at Las Jaulas de Polanco. Mexico City.

2002-03. Itinerant exhibition, Como si fuera la Primera vez (As if it was the first time)

  1. Lluvias, Soles y Lunas (Rains, Suns and Moons) at the José María Velasco Gallery, of the National Institute of Fine Arts. Mexico City.
  2. Desnudo Blanco (White Nude) for the Sixth International Conference of Women in Graz, Austria.
  3. Wood simposium Bridges:what is divided by languge is conected by Art in Körmend Hungary.
  4. Jorge González Velázquez, Retrospectiva. Painting and sculpture at Aldama Fine Arts. Mexico City.

*The Four Seasons. Itinerant Exhibition .Graz, Austria

  1. Retrospectiva. Jorge González Velázquez. The Diego Rivera House Museum, in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico.

*Unbound Perspectives. Collective exhbition at Agora Gallery in New York City.

2010-11 Muzyka Rzeźby (Music in the Sculpture) at the Juan Soriano Sculpture Garden in Poland.

* Viel Falt Machtstark, Art meets Rock. Patienten Hotel in Ludwigshafen Am Rhein. Germany.

2013…Fractal . The Aldama Fine Art Gallery

  1. Jorge Gonzalez Velazquez, El Color y La Forma. At the Government Palace Museum in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico

* Jorge González Velázquez, Libertad de Expresión during the National Journalism Award at the National Museum of Art in Mexico City.

  1. The Heart of Mexico. Collective exhibition. Budapest, Hungary