Egidija Brinkyte

The fire residues
Holzplatte, Farbe auf Ölbasis

Picture the problem: how the image exists alongside the infinite Nature’s phenomenon that origin is preserved but is perceived as mush as human’s cognition abilities allow; how in case of collision with the images of reality, “transference” of images into human’s consciousness happen where they become the equivalents of reality’s images – “copies’. All these processes are united by the power of intellect capable to revive previously acquired images.

The picture has been created using action painting and experimental burning of enamel, oil paint. As the basis of the collection, we have selected random pouring of paint and its burning. Oil paint has been used to reveal artistic image.





was born, I grew up and I was in Pajūris (Šilalė district.). 2001 – 2004 m. I studied in college Kaunas J. Vienožinskis arts study center and gained easel paintings restoration and conservation of specialty. In 2004 – 2006. Siauliai University Faculty of Arts gained in art and design, art and educational qualifications. 2015 I defended a Master paintings in Siauliai University.

Since 2006. I held over 20 solo exhibitions. I participate in a joint art exhibitions, projects and symposiums – in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys and Kedainiai, Jurbarkas, Birštonas, Gargzdai, Šilalė, Estonia and Germany.

Paintings have been acquired by private collectors in Lithuania, Oginski Palace Art Museum, Plunge, and the Angels Museum in Anykščiai