Arnue Tornau

Blue target
Öl auf Leinwand

The surfaces of old things, stones, walls, trees, ice interest me because of relation to passing  time, decay and dissociation. Maybe therefore the pictures become abstract – they contain layers of different  aesthetic experience. I intuitively follow just an abstract idea. At once I try to catch it by colour and some simple geometrical forms. I’m looking for the best colouring, trying to refine it, adding more layers of colour until colour vibration becomes the essence of the picture.

The square is often the key of my compositions. In this painting it represents the target – the intimate place, where you can rest on (or lose) your head.





1993, 1994, 1995, 2000 International Art Fair (Hera gallery) Stockholm, Sweden; 1997 International Art Bienalle Sharja, UAE; 1999 Contemporary Art Center, Ankara, Turkey; Lithuanian painting, 2000 Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China; 2004 Galeria Domu Artysty Plastyka Warsaw, Poland; 2006 Linz Townhall Linz, Austria; 2007 Circullo Belles Artes Valencia, Spain; 2010 Alex Gallery/Gallery A Washington, USA; 2012 LT00 Tapyba Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Lithuania; 2013 15th Vilnius painting trienal, Lithuania; 2015 Lithuanian paintings in EU Parliament, Brussels.

Had more than 30 personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Sweden, Finland.