Antra Ivdra

Different dreams
Porzelan, Porzelanfarbe

This porcellain cushion made in 2015. My choice in material was painted pocelain, because this is very fragile, likely dreams, who came to us at night time – somtimes them are colourfull, somtimes sharpness, sometimes sweet and soft and depicting our thoughts about whom we somtimes be quiet…..





Birth 1966. Art education: J. Rozentals secondary school of Art, Art Academy of Latvia, Painting department. Member of Artist Union of Latvia, Grant holder of the Culture Capital Foundation in Latvia, by project „Dance“, 2003. More than 10 solo exhibitions („The ships sailed yesterday“, 2013, Talsu museum“, „Mithomorpgologia“, 2012, „In Person“, 2011,“Dance“, 2003 Tukums museum.Arteworks exhibited in Austria, Finland, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden.Artworks in collections: Art Museum in Tukums, Lithanian Artist Union, Zervas Art,Luciano Benetton, privat collections.