Annewil Jansen

Jacob’s Dream
Papier, Textilien,  Wolle

He dreamt a dream

lying on a stone

nearby a tree

and a stream

The first night as a refugee


moonlight shadows are drawing leaves on his face

leaves are whispering

Angels tell him a message

a message of hope

‘this is the gate of heaven’

he answered  his dream

‘and I,

I didn’t know this’     Genesis 28


I was drawing under a loaf tree, when the sun shines on my paper and the wind was blowing through the leaves. I pencilled shadows of the moving leaves Afterwards I take Japanese paper and I tore headline paper on it and was using pastels.The cushion is filled with mixed  materials, showing the vulnerability of human being.




Life itself, music and travels have always inspired me: sometimes it’s nature in all its diversity urging me to  create, at other times  it’s the city. Changes in color and shape play a crucial role in filling my work with  significance.

Landscapes I Heartland

The Heart Land series came into being in St. Paulusabdij (St. Paul Abbey) in Oosterhout: it is a search for  ancient landscapes, authenticity and creation being born again, reflecting the desire found in every one of us:  to find peace and quiet and at the same time looking forward to a new heaven and earth, without pollution.

Also imagine looking out over the sea and the surf for hours and hours, or simply listening to the quiet  splashing of the waves, just being out there on your own, exposed to the elements, earth, water and wind.  The cleansing effect of these experiences is what I’d like to portray in these paintings: the seaside as a perfect place for ordering your thoughts.

For thou wilt light my candle:

the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.  Psalm 18:28