Andrius Makarevicius

Jazz Budha
Ol auf Leinwand

A.Makarevicius painting is vocal in all the senses.As it is appropriate to painting,plastic language of the author is vocal with its own colors.It is important to point out,that in our northern latitude drowned in mist and nebula it is an atypical and unique case.The author is using a bright resonant pallet of colors with oppositions formed by a rainbow specter principle:the surface of the canvas is dominated by a cold blue-green that is constantly being fought by warm even hot yellow-orange-red colors.Colors are competing,trying to drive out,overrule and crawl on top of each other.On the other hand Andrius painting is also vocal in its motives,plots,stories and narrations.




Born in 1982,Lithuania

  1. The personal exhibition „Morning“ Avg. School Pabradė
  2. exhibited work underground event, „Beard.“
  3. personal exhibition in Vilnius club „Moulin Rouge.“
  4. The personal exhibition of Fluxus ministry.
  5. I participated in the project „Art + Art to Communicate“, Kaunas.

In 2012. participation in plein air and the exhibition „Art heritage“ Trakai Voke ,Lithuania

  1. The personal exhibition „the Saints“,in cultural center“Beepart“ Vilnius.
  2. The personal exhibition in A. Mickiewicz library, Vilnius.
  3. I took part in open-air spaces and the exhibition „Art heritage, Trakai Voke Manor.
  4. The personal exhibition of Paramaribo feeling, Beepart Vilnius.
  5. The personal exhibition of Trakai Voke cultural center.
  6. group exhibition of miniatures „Swarm,“ R & A gallery.

2014m. The personal exhibition of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum.

  1. I took part in open-air spaces and the exhibition „Art heritage, Trakai Voke Manor.
  2. The personal exhibition „Loud situation, Gallery of Stained Glass Manufactory Vilnius.
  3. group exhibition of miniatures, the R & A Gallery
  4. The personal exhibition „Domestic improvisation, Gallery 555

The year 2015. group exhibition „Room as Gallery, Carlisle